There is an industry standard out there. It revolves around expensive design companies, bootstrap templates, click funnels, business masterminds and market penetration. It’s also total bullshit.

The industry standard is an effective way of saying the homogenous web. Characterless and bloated, with minutes of work poured into customising some templateĀ for a site design that looks like every other one, resulting in your business being treated in exactly the same manner: pointless.

Glasgow Shipyard looks at things differently. Here are our design rules:

Functionality Beats Fancy

A site must work before it has nifty transitions and parallax scrolling of giant images.

Responsibly Responsive

A site must be usable on any size of device, from smallest to largest.

Lightweight AF

A site must have the fewest lines of code possible, allowing fast loading wherever you are in the world.

Haun Built Fae Scratch

A site must be custom built from scratch by hand. Adapting templates is a way to part you from cash while someone else did most of that hard work. That’s not cool.

Gies A Shout